Here Are More Utilities & Shareware Sites

Here's a link to Microsoft's site for additional True Type fonts for Window's & Window's '95. Freeware.

Here is the link to the Microsoft !Plus (Lite Version) page to allow font smoothing and stretching of wallpaper. It has several other features that allow display of icons in 256 or higher colors, etc. Freeware.

Another link to Microsoft for their Font Properties context menu addition. It allows you to see additional information while viewing the "Fonts Properties" in the Explorer. Freeware.

Here's the location to acquire Microangelo. Microangelo will allow you to edit/create Icons, cursors and animated cursors. A really well written suite of ShareWare programs.

Here's a place to check out when you have some spare time. Wow, what a place to go with a Credit Card ;-) Jumbo Software. Over 89,000 titles of FreeWare & ShareWare...

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