Gloria, Ben & I would like to welcome you
to our "Personal Pages".
We hope you will enjoy your vist!
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John, Gloria and faithful Ben (Short for Benelli - as in shotgun)

Here you will find photos of ourselves, our kids (4 Legged + 2 winged) and our good friends. Eventually We'll have some personal information like hobbies etc., but for the moment, pictures will have to do...

The Terror!
This is Molly, our newest edition to the family.

Pure hell on wheels!!

Ben in his usual off season posture - laying around being a couch potato

Ben in his "I'm Ready" mode. Don't forget the shotgun and
Peanut butter & Jelly sandwiches...

John and Ben after the hunt!

Then there's Arnie

And Helena

Both are 100% Pure Persian Terror on 4 legs.

Here's a picture of us and our good friends the Mordeaux's
camped at Woodbine Campground in Nye, Montana

Gloria, John, Boots & Corry

Visit Boot's & Corry's and Fred & PJ's
Homepage @
Draggin' Ass Acres.

Here's Boots & Corry's dear departed friend, Zip.

We all miss her!

New in the family
Cash - The Super Dog

This is Pita (Pain in the A@#).
Corry's (and Boots' when he's hungry ) huge cat!

And here's a good friend (almost another son)
who's currently residing in Minnesota. He has a
lot to do with us putting this web site together!

Brandon O'Donnell

Shoot, Shoot, Shoot!

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